santa's dues

my brother's got a black bag and he don't care
he takes joy from anywhere
five black leopards and a bear
pull his sleigh right through the air

and every night he's hovering o'er your rooftop
and every night lord knows he's never gonna stop

santa's brother is my shame
he has no other name
spends his time preying
on you

when we were boys we both had
our own joys yeah he had
a black bag while mine was red

oo i would deal with debit
and he did give good credit
and then one day it all changed
i blame the leopards

and every christmas eve i put it right
i take his joys and bring them back to the light
i can't tell where they came from
but i sure know where they belong

if you let your joys just lie
he'll scoop them up into the sky
he'll put them in his black bag
and fly them away

my first sleigh was drawn by mice
he chose kittens i thought nice
my second sleigh was drawn by bats
he stayed with the cats

he takes joy from anywhere
my brother's got a black bag and he don't care
he'll take joy from

christmas 2012

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